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We AIM at accurate, verifiable inventory counting.

To remain profitable, you need an accurate auditing trail to verify your physical and financial counts. All Inventory Management (AIM) has designed a unique inventory counting system that can be easily tailored to your company’s specific needs, providing the exact information you need to keep your counts on track.

Accurate and Timely Inventory Information

By working with AIM’s team to count your inventory using an exclusively-designed, hand-held computer system, your physical or financial inventory will be accurately recorded and reported. Upon completion, you’ll receive a detailed, physical report and electronic computer data file for storage and future reference

Time and Money Savings

Whether you count inventory quarterly, semi-annually, or only once a year, by using AIM’s professional services you’ll save the cost of purchasing and maintaining your own electronic inventory equipment and the time needed to train personnel on how to use it effectively.

No Down Time.

By working with AIM, you can have your data collected before, during or after your business hours, allowing you to keep your doors open to customers if needed. Our professional staff works in the background to count your inventory, getting the job done in much less time than if you were to tackle it yourself.